Happy Around!

A unit formed around Rinku Aimoto, a transfer student to Yoba Academy.
Performances full of energy and excitement are their speciality.

  • Rinku Aimoto
    Rinku AimotoVA. Yuka Nishio
  • Maho Akashi
    Maho AkashiVA. Karin Kagami
  • Muni Ohnaruto
    Muni OhnarutoVA. Haruka Mimura
  • Rei Togetsu
    Rei TogetsuVA. Kanon Shizaki

Peaky P-key

An extremely popular unit formed at Yoba Academy
when its members were still in middle school.
Stoic and confident,
they pursue a mastery of music through practice and
refinement of their abilities.

  • Kyoko Yamate
    Kyoko YamateVA. Aimi
  • Shinobu Inuyose
    Shinobu InuyoseVA. Miyu Takagi
  • Yuka Jennifer Sasago
    Yuka Jennifer SasagoVA. Moeka Koizumi
  • Esora Shimizu
    Esora ShimizuVA. Reo Kurachi

Photon Maiden

A unit centered around some of Japan’s most talented young women.
Chosen for their incredible talents at a nation-wide audition,
they are the rising stars of the DJ world.
They have attracted great attention with their skillful and
highly choreographed performances.

  • Saki Izumo
    Saki IzumoVA. Risa Tsumugi
  • Ibuki Niijima
    Ibuki NiijimaVA. Ami Maeshima
  • Towa Hanamaki
    Towa HanamakiVA. Haruki Iwata
  • Noa Fukushima
    Noa FukushimaVA. Hinata Sato


A unit formed by a group of energetic and ambitious college girls,
aiming to become rich, celebrity DJs.
Their positive thinking always leads them to new opportunities.

  • Rika Seto
    Rika SetoVA. Natsumi Hirajima
  • Marika Mizushima
    Marika MizushimaVA. Mei Okada
  • Saori Hidaka
    Saori HidakaVA. Himari Hazuki
  • Dalia Matsuyama
    Dalia MatsuyamaVA. Ai Negishi


A unit with a dramatic worldview and a focus on producing genuine music,
who bears the legacy of a famous club on it’s back.
They attract followers through their beautiful, aesthetic performances.

  • Tsubaki Aoyagi
    Tsubaki AoyagiVA. Rihona Kato
  • Nagisa Tsukimiyama
    Nagisa TsukimiyamaVA. Sae Otsuka
  • Hiiro Yano
    Hiiro YanoVA. Haruna Momono
  • Aoi Miyake
    Aoi MiyakeVA. Tsunko

Lyrical Lily

A unit formed by first year students in Arisugawa Academy,
a prestigious elite school for girls.
They started their DJ activities
after they stumbled upon some analog DJ equipment.
Diving into an unknown world through their concerts,
they continue to make new discoveries everyday.

  • Miyu Sakurada
    Miyu SakuradaVA. Hazuki Tanda
  • Haruna Kasuga
    Haruna KasugaVA. Amane Shindo
  • Kurumi Shiratori
    Kurumi ShiratoriVA. Ruka Fukagawa
  • Miiko Takeshita
    Miiko TakeshitaVA. Yuzuki Watase