Happy Around!

A unit formed around Rinku Aimoto, a transfer student to Yoba Academy.
Performances full of energy and excitement are their speciality.

  • Rinku Aimoto
    Rinku AimotoVA. Yuka Nishio
  • Maho Akashi
    Maho AkashiVA. Karin Kagami
  • Muni Ohnaruto
    Muni OhnarutoVA. Haruka Mimura
  • Rei Togetsu
    Rei TogetsuVA. Kanon Shizaki

Peaky P-key

An extremely popular unit formed at Yoba Academy
when its members were still in middle school.
Stoic and confident,
they pursue a mastery of music through practice and
refinement of their abilities.

  • Kyoko Yamate
    Kyoko YamateVA. Aimi
  • Shinobu Inuyose
    Shinobu InuyoseVA. Miyu Takagi
  • Yuka Jennifer Sasago
    Yuka Jennifer SasagoVA. Moeka Koizumi
  • Esora Shimizu
    Esora ShimizuVA. Reo Kurachi

Photon Maiden

A unit centered around some of Japan’s most talented young women.
Chosen for their incredible talents at a nation-wide audition,
they are the rising stars of the DJ world.
They have attracted great attention with their skillful and
highly choreographed performances.

  • Saki Izumo
    Saki IzumoVA. Risa Tsumugi
  • Ibuki Niijima
    Ibuki NiijimaVA. Ami Maeshima
  • Towa Hanamaki
    Towa HanamakiVA. Haruki Iwata
  • Noa Fukushima
    Noa FukushimaVA. Hinata Sato


A unit formed by a group of energetic and ambitious college girls,
aiming to become rich, celebrity DJs.
Their positive thinking always leads them to new opportunities.

  • Rika Seto
    Rika SetoVA. Natsumi Hirajima
  • Marika Mizushima
    Marika MizushimaVA. Mei Okada
  • Saori Hidaka
    Saori HidakaVA. Himari Hazuki
  • Dalia Matsuyama
    Dalia MatsuyamaVA. Ai Negishi


A unit with a dramatic worldview and a focus on producing genuine music,
who bears the legacy of a famous club on it’s back.
They attract followers through their beautiful, aesthetic performances.

  • Tsubaki Aoyagi
    Tsubaki AoyagiVA. Rihona Kato
  • Nagisa Tsukimiyama
    Nagisa TsukimiyamaVA. Sae Otsuka
  • Hiiro Yano
    Hiiro YanoVA. Haruna Momono
  • Aoi Miyake
    Aoi MiyakeVA. Tsunko

Lyrical Lily

  • Miyu Sakurada
    Miyu SakuradaVA. Hazuki Tanda
  • Haruna Kasuga
    Haruna KasugaVA. Amane Shindo
  • Kurumi Shiratori
    Kurumi ShiratoriVA. Ruka Fukagawa
  • Miiko Takeshita
    Miiko TakeshitaVA. Yuzuki Watase