"Appreciate this moment on stage. We had to give you one, to destroy it."


VA: May'n

The center vocal of a foreign DJ unit that suddenly appeared in Japan, "Abyssmare". Though she is cool-headed and sees those around her as nothing more than pawns, she is a top-notch vocalist. She is rapidly gaining fame with her overwhelming vocals and charisma, but is never satisfied with the status quo. She diligently takes lessons every day to become the world's greatest vocalist.



"Sorry, sorry, I'm so sorry…"


VA: Yuuka Aisaka

The DJ of "Abyssmare", she has the power to read the mood of the floor. She keeps her words to a minimum on stage and has many fans because of her cool appearance. Growing up in a poor family, she withdrew from the world and has low self-esteem. Hearing Neo's voice saved her life and helped her take her first step forward, so she worships Neo fanatically.



"Great, great♪"


VA: Tomomi Jiena Sumi

The self-proclaimed Number 2 of "Abyssmare". Despite her adorable appearance, she is fastidious and intelligent. Things like studying ballet since young and being unable to stomach cheap food make her seem like a young lady who grew up in the lap of luxury, but her exact family business remains unknown. She often fights with Weronika as they don't get along.



"Defeat Neo and become the main vocalist!"


VA: Misuzu Yamada

Although a member of "Abyssmare", she has a strong rivalry with Neo and always picks fights with her. She has great physical capacity, is athletic and has sharp dance moves. People around her are often frightened by her quick temper, but she has a compassionate and caring side, especially towards children. She also argues with Elsie often, but usually loses.