Music Usage GuidelineMusic Usage Guideline

Thank you for your continuous support for Bushiroad Inc.’s Media Mix Project “D4DJ” (Dig Delight Direct Drive DJ).

To encourage everyone to be able to experience and enjoy the “D4DJ” project (“Project”), we have decided to share the usage guideline for musical works and sound recordings from the Project (“Creative Works”). For those who would like to use these Creative Works, please follow this guideline.

Creative Works are owned by Bushiroad Inc. (“Bushiroad”) and/or the third parties which granted the right of its usage to Bushiroad. Duplicating, adapting, distributing, performing, or uploading the Creative Works without prior permission from Bushiroad is not allowed. However, Bushiroad will not claim copyright infringement for the usages of Creative Works on sharing platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, or SoundCloud (“Sharing Platforms”) if such usages follow this guideline.

Among the Creative Works, the music titles referred to below (“Eligible Music Titles”) are eligible for creating derivative works such as duplicating and adapting for remixing. (Derivative works that uses Eligible Music Titles will be referred to as “Derivative Works.”)
Derivative Works may be shared on Sharing Platforms for non-commercial purposes only. However, official monetization functions provided by Sharing Platforms such as “Partner Programs” or “Creator Programs” may be utilized.

[Eligible Music Titles]
Eligible Music Titles are Creative Works that are listed under the “ORIGINAL” category in the Mobile App Game “D4DJ Groovy Mix”.

When uploading Creative Works and/or Derivative Works on Sharing Platforms, the titles, composers, and songwriters of the Creative Works that are listed in the “ORIGINAL” category in the Mobile App Game “D4DJ Groovy Mix” must legibly be displayed on the video or in the description section of Sharing Platforms.

(Example) If uploading “Electric Chaos★Countdown” on Sharing Platforms:
Electric Chaos★Countdown
Songwriter: Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden)
Composer: Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden)

When performing Derivative Works such as DJing or sharing it on the streaming platforms, the performers and/or uploaders must confirm the copyright royalty is paid to The Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) and NexTone Inc. via the Sharing Platforms and/or the venues.
If any actions are required, follow the required process and make a payment of the copyright royalty in appropriate manner.

You are prohibited from using Creative Works for:
  1. 1. Violating this guideline and any other restrictions set by Bushiroad.
  2. 2. Damaging the reputation or character of Bushiroad, the Project, other Bushiroad products, contents, performers, author of the Creative Works, or any other third parties.
  3. 3. Violating the law and public policy including antisocial expression or usage that could possibly lead to that.
  4. 4. Supporting and/or cheering (or causing misunderstanding on supporting and/or cheering) for specific natural person, corporation, political party, religious group, and the other legal subjects.
  5. 5. Misleading expressions which could be perceived as the derivative work is sponsored by Bushiroad, affiliated with Bushiroad or any relation with Bushiroad and the Project.
  6. 6. Violating the rights of any third party.
  7. 7. Distributing, publicly transmitting, or making the Creative Works transmittable without adaptation or modification on any possible methods including Sharing Platforms regardless of whether it’s commercial use or not.

Bushiroad retains the right to take legal action against any illegal or inappropriate usages of Creative Works and/or Derivative Works, as well as usages of Creative Works and/or Derivative Works that violate public policy, morality, or this guideline.

When you are requested to take down the Derivative Works by Bushiroad, please take down that Derivative Works immediately.

Bushiroad will not guarantee any non-violation of infringements (including but not limited to third party's Copyright infringement) of Creative Works, Derivative Works and videos that include Creative Works and/or Derivative Works. Additionally, Bushiroad will not be liable for any dispute or troubles arising out of the usage of Creative Works and performing or sharing Derivative Works.

Bushiroad will not respond to personal inquiries regarding this guideline.

This guideline will be updated at any given time without prior notice. Please refer to the newest version of this guideline when creating, using, and sharing Creative Works and/or Derivative Works.