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An exciting Rhythm & Adventure game
set in the world of D4DJ!
English version now available on
iOS and Android!



"Now it's your turn!"

The words that have connected generations
across time.

"D4 FES", a DJ festival that is the stuff of legends.
Inspired by this festival, Japan too experiences a new dawn in DJ culture.
As DJs becomes the main method for people to experience music,
performers called "DJ Units" have begun to appear.
As a culture that can be enjoyed by anyone, young or old, DJing has become an indispensable music genre.

And now, 6 new DJ Units set their sights on this floor.

Happy Around!Peaky P-keyPhoton MaidenMerm4idRONDOLyrical Lily

The story of these girls aiming for the greatest moment begins!


Live Shows

  • Play solo in Free Live to hone your skills!
    Customize the rhythm game UI to your liking for comfortable play.

  • Create your own setlists by connecting 4 songs in Medley Live!
    Watch the songs mix together seamlessly during gameplay!

  • Mix tracks like a pro DJ in DJ Time mode! Apply filters,
    effects and sound effects with the DJ controller.
    You can earn rewards in this mode too!

  • Play with up to 3 other DJs in Multi Live!
    Work together to get high scores!


  • Train your members with items earned from playing the rhythm game!

  • Max out the level of ★4 members to get stunning animated cards!

  • Use EXP tickets to level up members and raise their attributes.
    Upgraded members get higher scores in Live Shows!


  • Get to know the world and characters of D4DJ through fully-voiced Live2D stories!

  • Immerse yourself in each unit's unique story,
    alongside regularly released card and event stories.

  • Tap on characters on the map to take a peek at what goes on in their daily lives!

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