"I can probably sing for someone I care about."

Airi Amano

VA: Nana Mizuki

She is the kind older sister of Café Vinyl who has given Rinku and others numerous pieces of advice. She once perfected Call of Artemis with her overwhelming singing ability. However, she lost her motivation to sing and retired. Although she was about to leave from music, she decided to respond to the call of her friends and take the stage again.

Call of Artemis


"Observe the subject closely, that's the basis of everything."

Shano Himegami

VA: Raychell

A legendary diva who once stood on stage with Airi at D4 FES. On the surface, she is strict and cool, but she is compassionate and attentive. After a period of overworking, she left the public eye and worked behind the scenes as a producer for Photon Maiden, but is now back in active service as Call of Artemis.

Call of Artemis


"Where there is a festival, there is Mana Kase! I guess you could say that."

Mana Kase

VA: Arisa Komiya

Formerly a talented DJ with Scarlet Canary, she has been active overseas, but returned to Japan with the revival of D4FES. She has the appearance of a refined older lady, but she has the temperament of an Edokko, a person with a good temperament who hates to hide things from others. She is well-liked and is like a "younger big sister" to the members of Call of Artemis.

Call of Artemis


"There is no absolute right answer anywhere."

Toka Takao

VA: Hinako Umemura

She is a genius DJ who won all the intramural contests at Yoba Academy. After working with Call of Artemis, she formed Lynx Eyes. After Shano went on hiatus, she worked as an undercover trackmaker who will not be named. She is precise but slow-paced and soft-spoken. She has only the bare necessities of life in her home. She likes water most of all.

Call of Artemis