"Michiru Kaibara has leveled up!"

Michiru Kaibara

VA: Kotori Koiwai

Michiru has moved up to Yoba Academy's High School division. Although she's still often has trouble reading the air with her carefree nature, she's one of the most talented DJs of her generation. She has leveled up even more quickly after meeting her teammates. For some reason, Kokoa sees her as an enemy...



"A first magnitude star shining in the galaxy, Lumina Ichihoshi!"

Lumina Ichihoshi

VA: Karin Takahashi

A virtual singer who suddenly appeared on the Internet and amassed a huge number of subscribers. Calling herself a "space idol", she is active in a wide range of online activities, from Let's Plays to posting original music. To become the number one diva in the universe, she proposes forming a unit with Michiru, Kokoa and Hayate.



"I never cut corners when it comes to practice♪"

Kokoa Shinomiya

VA: Akari Yura

A first-year student at Arisugawa Academy and an honor student befitting her school. Her true personality is self-assured, and her prickly speech mannerisms are proof that she has no barriers. In junior high, she formed a two-man unit with Hayate, and their relationship has progressed to the point where they are a couple. She was reluctant to accept Lumina's proposal to form a unit.



"Make sure you don't miss our true efforts."

Hayate Tendo

VA: Yuuki Temma

A first-year student at Arisugawa Academy. As her parents had a poor relationship since she was a child, she felt distanced from the other students around her who had peaceful childhoods. In junior high school, she heard a song by Kokoa which resonated with her. Inspired to write her first poem then, her talent for writing lyrics has blossomed. Although she seems to do things at her own pace, she is deeply observant and sometimes says things that strike at the heart of the matter. She is in a relationship with Kokoa.