"All together now! Happy Around!"

Rinku Aimoto

VA: Yuka Nishio

Lived abroad as a child due to her parent's work. She came back to Japan on her own to enter high school, and transferred into Yoba Academy. Currently, she lives together with her grandmother. Always cheerful and optimistic, she also has an odd side - like how she calls the wilderness her "friend". Became interested in DJing after meeting Maho.

Happy Around!


"We gotta do this!"

Maho Akashi

VA: Karin Kagami

A member of Happy Around! who attends Yoba Academy. Deeply moved by a DJ performance she saw in the past, she became immersed in DJ activities herself. She has recently been trying her hand at producing tracks as well. She met and formed a DJ unit with Rinku, whose eccentricity is sometimes bewildering. However, she still continues to improve her performance as a DJ.

Happy Around!


"To think, some of you still don't realize the brilliance of Muni..."

Muni Ohnaruto

VA: Haruka Mimura

A member of Happy Around! who attends Yoba Academy. Rinku's praise for her art when they were younger made Muni start taking drawing seriously. As a result, she's now a renowned illustrator on the internet. She only drops her guard and shows affection towards people who acknowledge her skills.

Happy Around!


"I'm new to this, but I will try my best!"

Rei Togetsu

VA: Maiko Irie

A member of Happy Around! who attends Yoba Academy. Born into a wealthy family, she has studied many things, but is particularly talented at the piano. Though she felt stifled living the life that her parents had planned out for her, she didn't have the courage to make a change. That is, until a chance encounter with Rinku, which sets in motion the wheels of change...

Happy Around!