"Gotta dream big and aim high!"

Rika Seto

VA: Natsumi Hirajima

She leads a positive life on campus with the motto of "Life's too short not to have fun!" Loves to dance and sing with her friends at parties. She began DJ activities with her best friend Marika, along with Saori & Dalia who she met by chance. She's naturally gifted and overcomes everything through luck and charm.



"I have a teensy favor to ask..."

Marika Mizushima

VA: Mei Okada

An easy-going girl who is easy to get along with. Besides being a university student, she also works as a model. She was the center of attention when she entered university, but she became true friends with Rika, who would talk to her despite all this attention. Despite her calm personality, she loves concerts and is dedicated to her DJ activities.



"I've got to work harder, until everyone respects me!"

Saori Hidaka

VA: Himari Hazuki

Started her DJ career in high school, and due to her hard-working nature, she has built up quite a level of technique. However, her negative attitude held her back from focusing on DJing, even after entering university. She was forced into the unit by Rika, but this made her decide to change herself and achieve her dreams.



"Ooh, sounds fun. I'm in!"

Dalia Matsuyama

VA: Ai Negishi

Devotes herself to practicing ballet, traditional Japanese dance, contemporary dance, and other forms of dance in order to become a genre-exceeding dancer. She saw something that she lacks in Rika's positivity, and decided to join the unit. A grade holder in martial arts, she acts as the bodyguard of the unit.