"I've made up my mind! I'll do it!"

Miyu Sakurada

VA: Hazuki Tanda

A kind-hearted and thoughtful high schooler with good morals. Finding some analog audio equipment with her friends was the start of her DJ activities. Because of her family's influence, she is well-versed in oldies and the hits of yesteryear.

Lyrical Lily


"Well, I suppose it can't be helped, then!"

Haruna Kasuga

VA: Amane Shindo

With her serious and earnest personality, she volunteered to be a part of the Student Discipline Committee, but always gets roped into trouble because of her good nature. She pretends to not hold any interest in DJ activities, but she can't hide her love of audio equipment which she learned from her father.

Lyrical Lily


"I just had a great idea!"

Kurumi Shiratori

VA: Ruka Fukagawa

Bored of being in a strict school for children from rich and prestigious families, she is always looking for ways to work some kind of mischief. She feels like she owes a lot to Miyu for always finding the perfect way to save her, but Kurumi still can't help playing pranks.

Lyrical Lily


"It's all okay if we're having fun!"

Miiko Takeshita

VA: Yuzuki Watase

Loves to play, and also loves the members of her unit. She is always cheerful, and can get along with anyone. While others might think it's hard to figure out what she's thinking, often times she's not thinking at all. With a love for scary things, she can laugh and enjoy haunted houses and horror movies.

Lyrical Lily