"Singing is the only thing that I've got."

Tsubaki Aoyagi

VA: Rihona Kato

Aoi invited her to be the vocalist as their unit needed one, and Tsubaki quickly attracted attention as soon as she joined. She is a natural-born vocalist, who has been humming melodies for as long as she can remember. Although she may appear to be confident, she hates to be alone.



"This here's my best partner!"

Nagisa Tsukimiyama

VA: Sae Otsuka

A guitarist who grew up in a family that loved rock. She became a member of RONDO while looking for a place to practice guitar, and happened to enter the club where Aoi was DJing. She often visits Hiiro’s house. Although normally shy, she values friendship above all else and will not hesitate to take a stand when she needs to.



"Oh? Satisfied already?"

Hiiro Yano

VA: Haruna Momono

A sleek university student with a mature attitude. She used to go to the nightclub as a customer, but became a member of RONDO after meeting Aoi. She is their backup vocalist and VJ, building the unique worldview of the unit using her knowledge of art. Since she majors in psychology, she acts as the counselor of the unit and listens to the members' problems. Although kind, she scolds anyone that becomes too selfish.



"It's okay. I'll always be here for you."

Aoi Miyake

VA: Tsunko

A DJ that performs exclusively for a members-only club with a long history. Her androgynous looks attract many fans. She becomes captivated by Tsubaki's vocals, and asks her to form a DJ unit. Usually she has a poker face and doesn't show her true emotions, but she opens up her heart to the members of her unit.