"Then why don't you come to our show?"

Kyoko Yamate

VA: Aimi

The charismatic leader of the high schooler DJ unit "Peaky P-key". Born and raised in a musical family, she has a natural talent for music, but spares no effort to improve her performances. She finds herself strangely attracted to the energetic performances of "Happy Around!"

Peaky P-key


"Remix contest? I won before it even started!"

Shinobu Inuyose

VA: Miyu Takagi

DJ and strategist of Peaky P-key, the most popular DJ unit at Yoba Academy. Shinobu and Kyoko are old friends who trust each other very strongly. A very skilled DJ, she also excels in remixing and producing tracks. She's a big name in the world of online games, which also serve as her hobby. She is a very picky eater with childlike tastes. Though arrogant, she somehow also has the most common sense in her unit.

Peaky P-key


"We're not done yet! We're gonna keep it grooving!"


VA: Moeka Koizumi

The life and soul of "Peaky P-key." While looking for the "greatest moment" to capture with her camera, she met Kyoko and decided to join her unit as a VJ. Raised by parents who work as gym instructors, she is very cheerful and kind to everyone.

Peaky P-key


"All according to plan "

Esora Shimizu

VA: Reo Kurachi

The backup vocals, dancer, and "lovely" member (self-proclaimed) of Peaky P-key, the most popular DJ unit in Yoba Academy. A natural born entertainer, she joined the unit to bring entertainment to everyone. She was born to a wealthy family and is willing to spend her own fortune to achieve this goal. She is skilled at getting people to let their guards down and say what they really think.

Peaky P-key