Sep 27, 2022

Regarding the New Cast for Rei Togetsu

Thank you for your constant support for the D4DJ Project.

As announced in our previous post on Aug. 15, 2022 regarding the change of cast for Rei Togetsu, it has been decided that the new cast will be Maiko Irie.
Regarding Kanon Shizaki's Involvement in the D4DJ Project

She will begin her new role in all D4DJ media such as livestreams, shows, and event performances starting from Oct. 7, 2022.

As for the iOS & Android smartphone rhythm game "D4DJ Groovy Mix", Rei Togetsu's voice data is scheduled to be replaced in the future, and will be notified through in-game announcements.

Please welcome Ms Irie to her new role as Rei Togetsu, and to the D4DJ family.
We look forward to everyone's continued support and hope everyone continues to enjoy the D4DJ Project.