Nov 25, 2021

Producer's Letter (November 2021)

First off, a big thank you to all our players for their love and support for D4DJ Groovy Mix.

After our successful launch on May 27 this year, we are soon coming up on six months since launch. How time flies!


In our goal to bring us as close to the Japanese version of the game as possible, we will also be branding our half-anniversary as the game's overall first anniversary, in order to bring everyone the latest features as soon as we can.

We hope everyone can understand this minor change so we can enjoy all the upcoming contents arriving soon.


Now, the concept of the first anniversary is "No better time to start Groovy Mix".
As the saying goes, the best time to start may have been at launch, but the second best time is now!


In order for both newcomers and people who have taken a break to enjoy the game, Groovy Mix is undergoing bigger updates than before.
We hope everyone can give the anniversary update a try!


New Live mode: "Floor Challenge"
This will be a permanently available Live mode that can be played at any time, and it will be a difficult stage to clear that allows you to trigger skills 16 times.
We're looking forward to hearing everyone's experience facing this challenge.


The costume change feature will also be updated to allow players to view the whole Live2D character image.
This has been a much requested feature from our players that we've been working on implementing for a while, but are finally able to unveil for the first anniversary.
Don't just stop at switching to your favorite costumes, be sure to check out the detailed art of every costume's Live2D too!


Coming soon after the first anniversary will be new grand collaborations, and lovely seasonal events featuring Christmas and New Year's.
The story and contents too will take a step forward with the 2nd D4 FES.

We will continue working hard on Groovy Mix to make it a game beloved by all, so we hope for everyone's continuous support.