Cosmic CoaSTAR

The 2nd Album from “D4DJ”, Bushiroad’s brand new media mix project!



This album contains the 5 songs newly revealed at the D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure- by the 5 units, plus the first song from Lyrical Lily!


Released on June 24th.

Download or stream it here!


Track List
1. Cosmic CoaSTAR/Happy Around!
2. Gonna be right/Peaky P-key
3. “What” are you?/Photon Maiden
4. round and round/Merm4id
5. Horizontal Oath/Rondo
6. The Color of Tainted Sorrow/Lyrical Lily


Track 1: A number that shows a new side of Happy Around!
Track 2: Keeping the Peaky P-key vibes, the members sing out this evolved number.
Track 3: Photon Maiden's futuristic beats and development make this a striking number.
Track 4: Listeners will not be able to resist moving their bodies to this Merm4id number.
Track 5: A speedy number unlike any of the previous Rondo songs.
Track 6: A song introducing Lyrical Lily's innocent singing and lyricism.